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Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

We are Provide Grid Tied (GT) Solar Inverters with Reactive Power Control and High Efficiency, which is the heart of the Solar Power Generating System. It converts DC power generated by the Photovoltaic (Solar) Array to AC power that is fed to the Utility Power Grid System.

Solar Inverters Series are among the best available On Grid Solar Inverters that are suitable for Multi-Megawatt Solar Power Plants. It is also known as Solar PCS (Solar Power Conditioning System), Solar PV Inverter (Solar Photovoltaic Inverter). The Transformer-Less Design and 3-level PWM Technology improves the efficiency of the system to 98.7%. The Inverter has a compact design and lower weight for ease of installation, repair and maintenance. The large touch screen display collects real-time data and provides fault detection diagnostics to ensure faster retrieval of information for corrective action.

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