• The EVAD is a non-profit organisation with great concentration and focus on versatile development of disabled section of society. From the very beginning we have been working on inclusive education. We believe that every disabled person has right to access to the proper education and training which ensures employment with capacity to earn bread for them and their dependents. The EVAD has worked on a number of projects that have helped the disabled to stand on their own feet. Even within vulnerable groups those with disabilities are most likely to get excluded and discriminated against. EVAD aims to address this problem.

    Our Mission:

    To promote comprehensive rehabilitation of persons with categories of mental retardation, the visually challenged, the hearing handicapped and the orthopaedically handicapped along with the downtrodden and distressed poverty stricken people through education, training, employment, community based rehabilitation, publications, human resource development and other innovative means.

    Working Constantly:

    • To providing services for all the categories of disabled persons.
    • To focus the empowerment and encouragement of the disabled aimed at their self-reliant.
    • With great concentration on human resource development.
    • Academic, technical education, professional training for the disabled persons.
    • Distribution of crutches, wheelchairs, mobility aid, calipers etc.
    • Prevention of blindness and disability through cataract and polio surgery.
    • Services for the mentally retarded.
    • Services for the multiple disabled.
    • Community based rehabilitation services in the villages.
    • Education of disabled children with the downtrodden and distressed children.
    • Under the mission of EVAD we successfully cover the blind, the hearing handicapped, the mentally retarded, the multiple disabled and aged persons.


    • Registered with the Registrar Firms and Societies Act. 1860.
    • Registered under Section 80-G of Income Tax Act. 1961.
    • Registered under Persons with Disabilities Act. 1995.
    • Registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act. 1976.


    • Services as volunteers from foreign students in teaching, dance, sports, games etc...


    • Annual Report
    • News letter

    News Letter:

    The EVAD brings out News letter quarterly with briefings of its activities, festival and function celebrations, and visits by foreign dignatories. If you want to send an article on programmes, prosperity and progress of the disabled you can mail us on our e-mail address evad1996@yahoo.co.in.

    Our Members:

    1. Shri. R.K.Makker (Patron)
    2. Shri. Janak Raj Sharma (Hony. President )
    3. Shri.V.K.Pahuja (Hony. Vice-President)
    4. Shri. Hans Raj (Hony. General Secretary )
    5. Shri. Sanjeev Grover (Hony. Secretary )
    6. Shri. Naresh Gandhi (Hony.Secretary )
    7. Shri. I.J.Kapoor (Hony.Treasurer)
    8. Mrs. Sadhana Bhat (Member)
    9. Shri. Vijay Singh (Member)
    10. Mrs. Vimal (Member)
    11. Mrs. Deepa Sharma (Member)
    12. Mrs. Sushma Rani (Member)

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