Donation Program


We have introduced a number of facilities and immunities for the students to attract their interest to the education and enable them to continue their studies uninterrupted and without any obstacles. The parents and guardians living in remote villages cannot afford education of their disabled children because of their week financial position. So these facilities serve as better encouragement for the students. We manage to supply educational material from time to time to the students such as- text books, note books etc.. This supports both the parents and students to continue their education without any worry or concern.


We are providing school uniforms according to the dress code fix by the organization. The students are required to come to school in blue pants and shirts on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays while they wear tracksuit on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This also supports the parents on great way and they very happily send their children to school regularly.


We have also introduced scheme of mid day meals to the students who are not able to bring lunch with them. All the students sit together and have their meals with full delight, pleasure and taste. This scheme of mid-day meal also encourages the parents to send the students for studies.


Many of the students who are admitted to the school come from remote villages of the state. They need accommodation, meals and other facilities. Keeping in view the demands from these poor students we have been providing hostel facility to about 20 students. They are given accommodation, meals such as- breakfast, lunch, refreshment at the evening and dinner. Milk, fruits and other nutritious elements are provided from time to time to maintain their good health and spirit.


Mid day meal to the students is also a very important ingredient that encourages parents and students and brings to smooth education. Because of their weak financial position, parents take to afford mid day meal to their sons and daughters. The EVAD mid day meal programme has brought students to good care and nutrition’s for strong education. At a rough estimate a good and delicious meal for the students in EVAD may cost Rs. 6000/- one time. Roughly one child needs Rs. 500/- a month for simple food. Your support to this programme will highly be appreciated. Come and join us.


The EVAD is running a hostel for the handicapped students. At present there are 20 students enjoying this facility. This is yet another need based support to the poverty stricken students. Now -a-days for meals to the students the organization has to manage Rs 3000/- per child. We would appreciate your contribution for these under privileged children.


More than 100 children come from outside and receive education through this organization. The organization takes full care of their basc needs supply of reading writing material, school uniforms, shoes, note books, text books etc. The school uniform include pant shirts, tie belt, socks, track suits shoes etc. The students avail this facility to ease their burden on their parents. The organization has to manage Rs 6000/-per child per year to cater to the needs. Please come and join this noble programme with your monetary assistance.


The EVAD has engaged auto rickshaws, three wheelers, and bus to take the students to school and send them back to their houses. The organization has to pay for the driver, petrol and diesel expenses. It also includes the maintenance cost of school bus. For this programme we roughly need Rs 25000/- a month i.e. Rs 3 lakhs per year. It would be so kind of you if you could join this programme and be a part of sponsorship to these students. Your contribution will be of great value to these under privileged students.


It has also been noted that defects in any part of the body plays negative role to smooth education. Loss of sight, movement, grip are bar to success in education. Deficiency in speech is also an obstacle to proper imparting of education. Keeping in view these problems we have launched programme of physiotherapy and speech therapy to the problometic students. Proper position of hands, picking up hands in appropriate direction ,catching something by hand, loss of movement in hands or legs, difficulty in bending knees all add to hardships. A physiotherapist through different exercises, massaging and other aids rectified the problems in parts of body while speech therapy helps to develop good speech well uttering of letter and sentences. For electro physiotherapy, suspension therapy etc. we need some machines costing about Rupees three lac while salary for one Physiotherapist and one Speech Therapist requires Rs. 18000/- per month. We are confident that taking in to account the importance of these two therapies. Your good self will assist us in arranging proper funds. Your contribution in this connection will be of high satisfaction and admiration with giving life to these problematic students.


Love and affection to the new comers to the school has a very positive role in turning the atmosphere congenial to the students. Aayas play significant part to give love and affection to the little kids so that they may forget home surrounding and adopt the new environment of the school. The EVAD has appointed aayas and assistant in order to condition the students who feel home sick as they step in to the school campus. The new children admitted to the School, lack if daily living skills and other ettequates which can make them sit in the normal society. Proper dressing, combing hairs, taking bath, wearing clothes and other things are essential to learn at this stage. The mentally retarded students in particular need the services of aayas. The aayas take care of these little kids and give them a kind of home surrounding. One aaya aspects more than Rs.5000/- now days to serve these disabled students. At present we have provision of three aayas for these students. The organization has to manage Rs15000/-per month for these under privileged students. It would be so kind of you if you can sponsor this programme in the interest of the disabled children.


The EVAD does not want to confine these students to class rooms but it also takes them out for their healthy entertainment and broadens their knowledge. The organization arranges picnic and excursions from time to time to historical and religious places. It gives them opportunity to watch different temples and monuments with their own eyes and acquire firstand knowledge about them. These students take bath in holy river of Ganges, go round the religious temples and know various things about God and Goddess. Now-a-days the organization has to arrange Rs. 70,000/- to meet the picnic expenses twice a year. This is also a need based programme where you can join us with your contribution. Your assistance will be placed on high record with great appreciation.

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