Hygine and Health Programme

EVAD has been rendering yeomen service to all the categories of handicapped, street children and poor people in rural areas since the inception in Aug. 1995. Because of its qualitative services this association has come to be known as one of the best organization serving the women and poor people. It has dedicated its projects to the all round development of the impaired ones and rural women.

Through its activities the EVAD has been able to bring marked improvement. Our project improving the health status of rural women initially started in 20 backward villages of Ballabgarh Block has served as vital force. The women are happily leading their lives. The project has shown great achievement in respect of infant mortality rate, condition of pregnant ladies, looking after the newly born babies. The project has played important role in controlling gynecological diseases. The economic conditions of the women in villages have also improved.


  • During the term of the project i.e. two years 20 health camps had been organized in which 3500 patients participated.
  • Herbal plants were distributed for preparation of different medicines to treat different diseases.
  • 30 self-help-groups were formed.
  • Economically backward people were trained in vocational trades by expertise.
  • People came out openly with admiration to participate in this programme. This was very successful in creating awareness and strong desire for good health.
  • Women started income generating activity such as-- selling bangles, parchoon shop, selling milk, making carpets etc.. Loans were advanced from different banks so that these women may share joys with their families and attend to social customs like-marriage and other functions being organized in villages and in the neighborhood from time to time.
  • This project has contributed to earning money by poor women. A few of them are engaged in making carpets, washing powder, soaps etc..
  • Contacts with the organization have augmented and boosted morale and enthusiasm.


Improvement of health and economy of the villagers was going on in full swing but we had to stop as the term of two year project was complete. We have already under taken two such projects and have completed successfully with miracles results. Consequently the organization has amassed good experience of running such projects. Now we would like to use this experience to consolidate the economic position of the villagers and their health status. As a matter of fact the hygienic condition in most of the backward villages is pitiable. The villagers are not so conscious to cleanliness the waste and garbage are not heactly handled attracting a number of diseases. Our experienced staff will visit the villages and tell them the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Initially we would like to begin in 20 villages. The health workers and others will be invited to the villages. They will also share their views with the people. This is a good project and we believe that we can do great justice to the people by starting this programme.


Now-a-days computer is playing great role in improving the knowledge and consolidating the economy of the nation. It has created a best scope in itself. Keeping in view its demand on large scale we have decided to initiate training in computer education here in this organization.

The students are imparted elementary knowledge of different functions of computer. They enjoyed very much. Now we plan to go for a hardware programme so that the knowledge of assembling different parts of computer and making the accessories for the purpose will be easier. To start this training we have purchased necessary materials and soon the instructor will be joining this organization to impart the training. We are also making efforts to link this training with some institutions of information & technology so that the trained people will be able to reap its plenty of value. The training will be recognized and certificates will be awarded to the trainees after completion so that they may get the needed job anywhere without any obstacles and hinderance.


We have started this valuable programme for the mentally retarded, deaf-dumb and others where all the required skills in managing a house are taught so that the problems in controlling a house may not look much difficult. The students enjoyed and take part in this programme with great curiosity. Under this programme cooking, washing cloth and utensils, shopping, daily living skills etc. are emphasized. This type of training has proved very useful for the disabled, street children and others. After completion of training the supervision of house does not create difficulty for them. The boys and girls trained in this programme are doing their work relating to their houses very effectively and successfully. It has also added to our experience and we believe that this good work will automatically prove meaningful for the hearing challenged, mentally retarded, the visually challenged and others. According to their need and choice they may prepare a number of dishes to their liking and relatives and members of society at their houses with great success and appreciation from the neighbors. Their services may well be utilized by the family members without any grievances or complaints. Now they will not be a burden to the family because of this valuable contribution and shouldering these important responsibilities at homes.

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