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    Education assumes greater importance in today’s world. Proper education of the disabled children develops their personality and maintains their image in society and it inculcates good habit. Exchange and sharing of knowledge through education enables the disabled children to understand the world better. Without education these children are secluded and isolated from developed society. Properly educated impaired children not only ease their burden on society but add to the economy of the nation by earning money which satiates their need, requirement of family members and others. Disabled children are well transformed in contributive member they become self-reliant to sustain their life facing challenges of future.

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    Both teachers and information technology has greater role to play in sharing the knowledge across the world. Radio, mobile, internet have become our necessity these days. In view of this unavoidable importance we have included introduction of computer education to the students. The computer helps the students to solve their problems quickly. It also brings the rare knowledge within reach. This programme helps the students to share their views with international tutors. The students can easily get what they want from computer and scarcity of books is not war to their success. We are doing good work and we are sure if assisted financially it can change the life of the impaired and poverty stricken children after successful training.

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    We are also facing problem of clean and drinkable water for the students. It may please be recalled that at present the total strength of the students in the school is over 100. The water through supply is not quite pure. It’s not so clean to use to drink. We are aware of the fact that clean water also adds to maintain good health. The availability of clean water keeps away from pretty diseases or ailments. We are engaged in delivery good to the disabled and under privileged section. We are sure that clean water is also one of the causes where you can join us and contribute. We would like a water purifier plant to be installed to serve these children with clean water kindly come and join this organization with your contribution for this important requirement.

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