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    We have been focusing our greater attention at requirements of the students so that they may continue their studies free of interruption and disturbance. In the same connection on the 10th of July after summer vacation school uniforms, educational material and school bags were distributed to ten students. The students study in the EVAD school and are very poor. Their parents are not in a position to spent money for their sons and daughters education. The distribution brought relaxation and smile on the faces of the students and they were full of confidence and hopes that their studies will not be hampered any more. The parents of these children were also very happy to note that these students are doing good and progressing well in the classes.

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    We have yet another identical event on the 24th of July, 2014 when school bags were given away to the students. 32 bags were distributed. This time the students were very happy to catch these bags in their hands. They were encouraged to note that the EVAD always thinks for the fulfilment of their requirements. They were happy that their education in the school is running very satisfactory and they were of the view that this assistance by the organisation will always encourage and bring success to their education career.

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    A small and simple programme of picnic was arranged on the 27th of July, 2014. In this programme both day scholars and hostlers participated very happily. They visited the City Park alongwith two volunteers. The students enjoyed this picnic very much. It was an opportunity when the students under the guidance of vounteers exchange and shared one another views on education and entertainment. This programme was full of rich entertainment for the students. This gave them enough time to play and sing. They also took many things of their choice to eat and drink. This programme was a memorable one and brought delight on the faces of the students.

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    We also cave away some useful materials on the 30th of July, 2014 to the hostler students. This small programme was arranged to fulfill the requirements of the students staying in the hostel. In this programme note books, shampoo, soaps, clothes were given to the students by one of the social activities who is associated with this organisation for a long time and renders timely assistance to the students of this organisation. The students who are staying in the hostel needed these things very much and this distribution help them to dispose of their day to day activities smoothly. It was a moment of great delight and happiness when these students were smiling after taking their required things in their hands.

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    The 6th day of August every year marks the establishment of this organisation. A small celebration is organised with simple but with religious devotion to commemorate the setting the EVAD on 1995 in this day. This year on the 6th of August a hawan ceremony was organised. Amidst the chanting of mantras by the Pandit blessings of God and Goddess was evoked for the welfare of the disabled and downtrodden and the progress of this organisation which leaves no stone unturned to add happiness and smile to the students through its educational and training programmes. Both day scholars and students staying in the hostel took part in this function very happily. The members of the staff, students and other dignatories offered ahutis to the God and Goddess. Sweets and prasad were distributed to all the participants. This programme ended with great success and happiness.

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    A simple meeting was organised on the 23rd of August 2014 in which the parents of mentally retarted children took part with some innovative ideas. The meeting was arranged to invite suggestions from the parents. This was an opportunity when they could easily share their views with concerned teachers and staff for some notable improvements which could ultimately benefit their sons and daughters. Those parents who attended the meeting floated the following suggestions :—

    Some of the parents were also of the view that their children should be given training in music and dance. They attributed this training to the interest of the students who watching the programmes on TV, sing song and dance to the melidious tune. Some noted that a reasonable course in Home Management should be launched for the mentally retarded girls & boys who can easily co-operate to their family after their marriage. Cooking should be one of the main feature. Some wanted introduction of sports and games for their children. Otherwise highlighted the computer training so that the students can elementry knowledge in different features of the computer. The authorities of the EVAD, however, of the view that all the suggestions were writing of welcome. These can be examined and implemented in due course subject to the availability of funds. We are sorry to note that nun of the participants has yet come forward with monetary contribution. The parents of the mentally retarted children were happy at the meeting and wanted that such meeting should be arranged at regular intervals in furture.

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    This year the EVAD for first time organise the celebration of Ganesha festival starting from Ganesha Chatruthi on 29th of September. The festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion to Lord Ganesha. On this occasion worship was organised all 10 days which added miracles features amidst the chanting of mantras by Panditji. Aartis and poojas were daily perform to the 8th of october when the idols of Ganesha was immersed in river Ganga. The idols installed in the temple of EVAD was attraction for neighbours and adjoining areas. The sumptuous feast was organised one day before the immersion of idols. A number of devotees attended the feast and joined the blessings and happiness of Lord Ganesha. All were full of delight with expression Ganpati Bapa Maurrya to invite Ganesha next year too.

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    A dance programme was arranged on the 16th Sep. 2014 at Delight Hotel, Faridabad. The function was organised by the Lioness Club, Faridabad. Our disabled students took part in this function and presented their dance programme. The programme was highly appreciated by the audience. The presentation enthralled the viewers and they had words of admiration for these students. The deaf and mentally retarted students perform in chanting dance and later they also got prizes at the function. The presentation of this programme was a memorable one for the handicapped participants which gave them an opportunity to be happy and delighted.

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    This slogan reminds us of a special occasion to arouse community awareness for the safety of heart diseases. It may please be recollected that a healthy heart month was celebrated at the Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad. A number of speakers and painters took part in this month long programme from 15th September, 2014 to 14th October 2014 which focused its attention to create community awareness to save us from heart diseases. The disabled students of the EVAD had privilege to be invited in this celebration. The disabled students made attractive drawing on different subjects related to better health of the heart. The presentation of drawing won admiration and aspirations on the 27th of September at Sarvodaya Hospital. The handicapped students were invited there with their creative art. The students were very much happy with smile on faces. They wanted many such opportunities when they could be able to present their creative drawing.

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    Its pleasure to note that nearly twelve foreign visitors witness and watched our activities under the EVAD during the months from July 2014 to September 2014. They were all happy to watch different programmes and schemes run by the EVAD for the welfare of the disabled people. This shows that the EVAD earns great fame at the international level as well. The foreign volunteers made satisfactory contribution to education, sports, dance, picnics and excursions alongwith memorable entertaining moments.

    a) Malenda Patterson from U.S.A.:

    This lady visited this organisation in the month of June 2014 and stayed here from June 16 to July 5, 2014. During this period she presented a grand picture of sociability with the disabled students. She enjoyed the activities, programmes and schemes and took and active part in educating the disabled children in their classes. She attended classes and shared her views with the disabled kids and special educators. In this period she also got opportunity to be familiar with a number of hindi words which she used frequently.

    b) Austin Rhea from U.S.A:

    This lady volunteer stayed here in the EVAD almost a week from July 13th to July 20th, 2014. She actively took part in teaching the students. She introduced climatic requirements and standard of living at the USA to the disabled children. She also participated in dance programme with the deaf and mentally retarted students and gave memorable presents to the disabled students.

    c) Lotte Maessen and Jurre Woulters from U.S.A:

    This couple from USA also visited the EVAD in the month of July and stayed here almost a week. The husband and wife were glad to see the activities at the EVAD and also suggested some improvements. These persons shared their views on the different customs prevelant in the USA and were happy to talk to the disabled students in their classes. They were delighted to note marked improvement in the personalities of different handicapped students as a result of different schemes at the EVAD.

    d) Lauri and Danille Cleneat from U.K.:

    These two lady volunteers visited this organisation in the month of July 2014 and stayed here from July 20 to August 1, 2014. These girls showed great interest in the welfare of the handicapped section. They attended classes and talk to the students on their climatic requirements and standard of living. These ladies from UK were quite happy to see such an organisation in India and assured their best of co-operation to the running of different programmes in here. Picnic excursion and some other entertaining programmes were prominent features during their stay. They went to their country with appreciation and admiration of the welfare schemes at the EVAD.

    e) Jose Mana from Spain:

    We feel much pride and pleasure to note that this organisation has been visited by volunteers from almost all the countries of the world from time to time. In miss connection we may mention Mr. Jose Mana who came from Spain and stayed here in this organisation from July 20-7-14 to Aug. 9, 2014 nearly three weeks. He was very much sociable and enjoyed being in the company of disabled children. He was deeply impressed by the activities of this organisation. Like others he also shared his views with open heart with the disabled children contributed to education by teaching in different classes. He also participated in dance programme, short picnics, joyous moments of sports activities. He spent most part of his time quite meaningfully and fruitfully in this organisation. He also assured that he will extend his visit to this organisation in future also whenever he comes to India.

    f) Kadil Joryensen and Ian Dai from U.S.A.:

    These two ladies from USA visited this organisation for a very short period. While Miss Kadil Joryensen came here on Aug. 4, 2014 and left this organisation on the 10th of Aug. 2014. Other came here on the 4th of Aug. & left this organisation on the 18th of Aug. 2014. All of them were very much pleased to watch different programmes and schemes being implemented by the EVAD for the welfare of the disabled. Dance, sports were the prominent features which created an opportunity to be mixed up with the disabled children. They attended different classes and explained lessons in english and mathematics. They were happy when they went back to their country. During the period of their stay, they spent most of the time with the disabled children sharing their views on the organisation and their ways of improving in the programmes.

    g) Sara Castro from Spain:

    This lady came to this organisation on the 5th of August 2014 and stayed here by the 12th of August 2014. During this period she took keen interest in the activities of this organisation. She was very much impressed and expressed her views freely on setting up such an organisation in her country after reaching there. She had good command of speaking english and solving pretty problems of arthematics. She taught to the disabled children in different classes on social and political customs prevailing in her country. She was influenced by different historical and religious places in India. She promised to be here again during her next visit to this country.

    h) Stafine from U.S.A:

    This girls had been here in this organisation from Sept. 8, 2014 to Sept. 19, 2014. During this stay for almost 11 days. She went round this organisation watching different activities and feeling pleasure in such programmes related to the welfare of the disabled. She is pursuing a special course in the USA. She was sure that deep attention to these programmes and schemes will help her in availing her standard of living and concreate deep interest in the welfare of the handicapped section. She was quite new to this type of organisation. She had never got an opportunity before to visit such an organisation in her country. She was quite satisfied with different schemes and took up every thing collectively in her memory when she went back. The visit to this organisation was a memorable one for her.

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