Now-a-days it has generally been noted that because of poverty, ignorance and backwardness there is marked in different attitude to sending their children to school by the parents and guardians. They always expect requisite facilities, some good encouragement, counselling etc. to bring the disadvantaged children to school for proper education and training. It is a part and parcel of society and we have decided to add some programmes to attract these needy children to education.


To bring the under privileged and disadvantaged section of the society in to the main stream of nation, we have launched some basic programmes in the EVAD. They are as follows:-

  • Education to the Disabled and poverty stricken children
  • Computer Education
  • Home Management
  • Music and Dance


To dispel the darkness of illiteracy we have launched significant programme to educate the disabled children. Education will enable them to come at par with normal society with all the requisite behaviour and attitude which the impaired ones such as-- the mentally retarded, the hearing challenged, the orthopaedically handicapped and visually challenged need very much to transform these children in to earning member of the society. The proper basic education plays very important role. This encourages these children to face their future and ease their burden on society and their family members.


Keeping in view the changing scenario and special status of the world computer has acquired its important place. It has successfully created its demands and scope across the world. We have introduced elementary computer education by imparting basic knowledge of various parts of computer and some important programmes. We are also successfully preparing for training the children in hardware events such as - making and assembling of different parts of computer and link them to the significant I.T. industries so that the certificate awarded will be recognized all over the world.


Management of successful home affairs assumes very much importance today particularly for the disabled children. Proper training of the mentally retarded, blind, deaf-dumb and orthopedically handicapped will help them to become a contributing member of their family and society. Specially the girls and women require this type of training very much as they can use the knowledge gained from this training to satisfy their parents and their married life. Proper knowledge of daily living skills, cooking, dressing, shopping etc. will make them proud as they will help their parents in day to day work at home. They can also lead their married life happily adding satisfaction and serving as an encouragement to the family members.


We have also provision to teach the students music and dance. Regular classes are held for these events of fine art. The training in music and dance where has serves as entertainment. It also gives opportunity to earn some money for their need. This creates their demand in society as good performance in music and dance is always liked by conscious society and serves a way for attracting importance for these under privileged children.

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